Compass Catholic Community

Introducing the Community

Alternative Education Site for 17-24 Year Olds in Davoren Park, South Australia

Compass Catholic Community opened to students in Term 1 2022, working with young people aged 17-24. This innovative initiative of Catholic Education South Australia is in Davoren Park and provides a high quality learning and growth environment for young people who have not yet thrived in their education or employment, at no cost to the student. The community includes on-site child-care facilities. 

LBI Foundation has partnered with the school community since 2021, as guided by the Resilient IMPACT capacity building strategy. The intent (or outcomes) and actions of this work is summarised below. 

Intent ('What')

Build a Wellbeing and Trauma Responsive Compass Catholic Community

As Made Practical Through the Following Co-Designed Outcomes


To embed a cohesive, intentional, integrated and common approach (across main site and child care) to:

  • Implement a safe, growth-focused and wellbeing-responsive learning environment. 
  • Deliver personalised student wellbeing and support services, and to meet all students at their individual starting point (needs and context).
  • Embed a trauma-responsive and inclusive support culture. 


To embed the awareness, skills and mindsets to: 

  • Intentionally respond (rather than react) to individual student needs (e.g., trauma, growth, learning, developmental) in a relationship focused and personalised manner.  
  • Grow student capacity through intentionally delivered social-emotional learning, side-by-side coaching, shared Growth Action Planning processes and through both implicit and explicit learning approaches.
  • Empower educators to work together in shared intent. 


To provide students high quality resources and content that is focused on: 

  • Foundational wellbeing and resilience skills. 
  • Social-emotional learning competencies and curriculum. 
  • Meta-cognitive and problem solving. 
  • How to work side-by-side with others in shared intent. 

Actions ('How')


The support has been personalised to the school and geographic community. The co-designed wellbeing framework has been aligned to Compass’ values, and to strengthen the implementation of broader Catholic Education of South Australia’s wellbeing frameworks and learning initiatives (Living Learning Leading and Learn Well). 

Summary Actions

  • Entire capacity building initiative founded upon the science, research and practice of intentional practice, as made practical for educational and school settings.  
  • Implementation underpinned by the Resilient IMPACT capacity building strategy.  
  • LBI Foundation Community Leads: Ivan Raymond and Kylie Agnew. 
  • 2021LBI supported the staff team to co-design a locally owned wellbeing framework to empower the school to build a wellbeing-and-trauma responsive educational community from ground up. It was made practical through an intentional practice logic model. 
  • 2022 – The focus has been on making this framework practical and stick in action through the IMPACT Program. All Compass staff have been IMPACT Trained, and by the end of 2022 the school will have three key members at the IMPACT Coach (or Community Champion level). This has been supported by wrap-around coaching and embedding strategies focused on the “learn-it” to “apply-it”.
  • 2023 – Dedicated IMPACT train-the-trainers, focus on taking IMPACT content to explicit teaching with students. 

Young people learning about “frontal lobe” versus “react brain” areas with LBI Foundation IMPACT Trainer Kylie Agnew. 

Commentary and Further Information

Local Quote

What Does a "Shared Intent" Mean to Us?

At Compass, having a shared intent means that we are all focused on and working towards common outcomes. Further than this though, it means that we do this with the same tools, foci and language, so that our community has a clear and purposeful journey towards growth.

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