Our Reach

IMPACT Trained

Introductory Level

Our service footprint is across all of South Australia, with a deep impact across regional South Australia. IMPACT training packages are delivered in a scaffolded and targeted manner to foster carers, residential care workers, front-line support staff, case managers, school teachers and education leaders.

IMPACT Coaches

Trained and Accredited

IMPACT Coaches are local community members (or champions) who are trained, accredited and supported by LBI Foundation to empower and grow the capacity of their community. IMPACT Coaches are provided access to additional resources, tools and training to make a difference in the lives of the people they are entrusted to support.

Partner Communities

Agencies, Schools and Programs

LBI Foundation work side-by-side with a growing number of large NGOs, government sites, schools, colleges and care teams to empower caregivers, support workers, practitioners and case managers to implement sustainable methods and tools to intentionally respond to the
trauma, growth and developmental needs of their clients and build their capacity.

IMPACT Coach Network

South Australia

LBI Coach Network Map 480x480 February 2024

Research and Community Stories


Research and Evaluation

Click here for a summary of all of the research and evaluations that validates and supports the continuous improvement of our work.


Local Community Stories

Click here for a summary of local community stories and impact across education, foster care, family support, regional communities and mental health.

For a review of our past work, you can also check out our 2020 and 2021 Yearbooks.