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How Can You Support Us

Build a Wellbeing and Trauma Responsive Australian Community

Resource Library

Support Our Resource Library

We encourage you to draw upon our resource library and be an agent of growth in embedding the science of wellbeing and trauma across your community. We seek community partner and funder support to strengthen our library.

Community Funder

Be a Community or Program Funder

We have a number of unfunded capacity building projects. We would love to talk to you about potential sponsorship opportunities, and how you can support a local community make a meaningful impact.

Community Partner

Be a Community or Regional Partner

We are interested in talking with schools, programs, NGO’s, teams and communities who want to make a sustainable and meaningful impact across their community. We can talk to you about potential funding sources.

Offer Your

Offer Your Expertise and Passion

Our work is dependent on content expertise. We seek specialist support in marketing and communication, evaluation, digital technology and online learning. If you see a fit or role, we would love to talk to you.