Our ‘Why’ Story

The World is Complex

And People are Struggling

The world and human experiences are becoming increasingly more complex. Humans live in a highly stimulated and sensory rich environment, where they are continually exposed to uncertainty and a comparison culture (social media). Community connectedness and belonging is being eroded through the rise of individualism. Across the Australian community there are increasing rates of:

  • Mental illness and self-harm.
  • Reported trauma and abuse.
  • Loneliness. 
  • Family stress and breakdown. 
  • Behavioural disturbances within schools. 
  • Number of children coming into the alternative care systems. 
science of wellbeing

Lack of Integration and Shared Intent

In How People, Programs and Systems Apply the Science of Wellbeing, Trauma and Growth

Many people, organisations and systems are working really hard to make a difference in the lives of fellow Australians, and both prevent and respond to this complexity. This is not easy work, and across our community touchpoint we frequently hear and see: 

  • Education systems struggling to respond to diverse student needs (e.g., trauma, disability, learning) within a crowded curriculum. 
  • Under stress, there is a tendency for caregivers, educators and supporting adults working with vulnerable people to “react to behaviours”, rather than “respond to the needs”. 
  • Schools, programs and systems being attracted to “bright shiny” or “quick fix” solutions to solve complex problems. 
  • Schools, programs and communities delivering wellbeing, mental health and growth services through ‘silo’, where there is not a cohesive strategy or intent to the delivery of the support or service. 
  • There being a large disparity between the ‘best-practice’ science of wellbeing, trauma and growth, and how it is implemented by caregivers, teachers, practitioners, agencies and systems. 
  • People and systems are working in isolation, or lack of shared intent in how support, wellbeing and growth services are provided to vulnerable Australians. 
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complexity, lack of shared intent
Communities Working in Silos

Communities Working in Silos

Communities Working With Shared Intent

Founded Upon the Science of Wellbeing, Trauma and Growth

It is our view that complexity can only be addressed, managed or resolved when communities (big or small) work together in shared intent. In other words, positive mental health and behavioural outcomes are best achieved through collective action, founded upon shared intent. Schools, communities, programs, teams and regions are foundation for positive growth and change. This is at the heart of our mission of building “wellbeing and trauma responsive” Australian communities. 

Working Together in Shared Intent
Integration and Shared Intent

Teams, Agencies and Communities Founded Upon Integration, Collaboration and Shared Intent