Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is a resilient and thriving Australia for all.  

Our Mission

To build a wellbeing and trauma responsive Australia where everyone can thrive.

Our Values


We believe that all people, communities and systems have the capacity to grow and thrive. We support them to value growth as a way of being and empower them to deliver the growth outcomes that are important to them. 


Authentic Relationships

We believe in the alignment of beliefs and actions, and we are committed to developing side-by-side relationships that are based upon integrity, shared intent and trust.



We believe in personalised outcomes for individuals and communities. We meet people where they are at, and bring a deep empathetic understanding of needs and context in order to support them to achieve the outcomes that are important to them. 



We believe in the delivery and evaluation of innovative evidence-based strategies, tools and resources to disentangle the complexity of trauma, wellbeing and human growth, and support systemic change. 



We believe in the communication of evidence-informed thinking and practices to move the science of wellbeing and trauma into thinking and being across people, organisations, communities and systems.

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Who we are

We are experts in the science of wellbeing, trauma and growth.

We are a dedicated and specialist team sharing our expertise through a suite of capacity building services.

Our services include the IMPACT training and accreditation program, thought leadership and research, specialist coaching and various community development initiatives.

We work side-by-side with a network of people, organisations and communities. We nurture an IMPACT coach network of 190+ accredited IMPACT coaches and share our knowledge, practical tools and resources to empower individuals and their communities.

Our knowledge, tools and resources are intentionally designed to deliver sustainable ripple effects that expand from people, to organisations, to communities and into systems.

Our mission is a wellbeing and trauma-responsive Australia for all, independent of LBI Foundation, where the science of wellbeing and trauma is embedded as a way of thinking and being, not just another task or thing to do.