Our Mission

To build a wellbeing and
trauma responsive Australia
where everyone can thrive.

What we do?

We are capacity builders. 

We partner with people, teams, schools, programs and communities to take the science of wellbeing, trauma and growth into action, and deliver outcomes important to them. 

We provide the shared: 





To empower individuals and communities to embrace complexity, develop a shared intent and embed the science of wellbeing, growth and trauma as:

 A way of thinking and being. 

How do we do this?

Suite of Capacity Building Services

  • Training, coaching and accreditation.
  • Whole-of-school, program and community capacity building initiatives. 
  • IMPACT Coach community network.
  • Research, consultancy and thought leadership.
  • Advocacy. 

Delivered in Partnership

  • Drawing upon the scientifically grounded IMPACT Program.
  • Tailored to community needs and context.
  • Intentionally delivered to local outcomes.
  • Strengthening not replacing existing work.
  • From the “system” to the “moment”.

What is our impact?

Read about our partnerships with local education communities

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