Most Significant Change Evaluation of Resilient IMPACT

Introducing the Research

Most Significant Change Evaluation of the Resilient IMPACT Program

David Kelly, LBI Foundation

In 2020, LBI Foundation Education Lead, David Kelly, conducted the Most Significant Change evaluation in collaboration with Tenison Woods College. For an overview of intent and actions of the capacity building initiative, click here

This qualitative evaluation process involved 67 educators, and sought to answer the following question:  

  • What is the breadth and reach of ‘application’ of the intentional practice and IMPACT program content across the TWC school community?

The evaluation report offers detailed and granular stories from educators about the impact of the program, and how it has informed and guided their educational and support practices.

For a copy of the research summary, please click here

Most Significant Change Evaluation 2020
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    Significance of the Evaluation

    • This evaluation provides detailed and granular stories of the impact of the Resilient IMPACT strategy at Tenison Woods College. It offers de-identified stories or educator feedback of outcomes of the whole-of-school approach. Key intentional practice language and methods, as made practical through the IMPACT Program (e.g., What-What-How, side-by-side, respond rather than react, shared intent, validation, growth mindset) are highly visible in the educator feedback and stories. 
    • This evaluation provides further evidence for the highly “translatable”, “practical” and “sticky” nature of the IMPACT Program. 

    Further Information

    For further information on this summative review, please contact Dr Adam Gerace on