Independent Review of Resilient IMPACT

Introducing the Research

Summative Review of the Resilient IMPACT Program (Tenison Woods College)

Joep Van Agteren, SAHMRI

In 2022, SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre Researcher, Joep van Agteren, conducted an independent summative review of the Resilient IMPACT Program as delivered across Tenison Woods College. For an overview of intent and actions of the capacity building initiative, click here

Joep conducted a broad-based summative review of all evaluations and data collected as part of the implementation, and brought focus to the following two questions. 

  • How, in what ways and to what degree has the Resilient IMPACT program and the intentional practice approach impacted on the
    way wellbeing approaches and strategies are delivered across the TWC school community?
  • What are the key program outcomes for students, educators, leaders and the school
The review found that:
The program has provided the TWC community with concrete tools and methods that allowed them to practically apply the science of wellbeing. The IMPACT program taught its participants not only new foundational knowledge, but it importantly allowed teachers and staff to build on their existing expertise and experience, integrating it in a common framework that could be used by stakeholders across the community.

For a full copy of the review, click here

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    Significance of the Research

    • This independent study strongly validates LBI Foundation’s work across educational communities, as guided by the Resilient IMPACT strategy. Detailed findings can be found in the full copy of the review. 

    Further Information

    For further information on this summative review, please contact Joep Van Agteren on