Wellbeing and Transition Hub

Introducing the Community

Alternative Education Site for Senior School Students in Victor Harbor, South Australia

The Wellbeing and Transition Hub (formerly FLO Program), is a specialist service affiliated with Victor Harbor High School, which offers a personalised and tailored curriculum for students who have become disengaged from mainstream educational pathways.

The W&TH is comprised of a skilled multidisciplinary team that has qualified educators, case managers, support staff and industry specialists to support their holistic journey of preparedness for life after school.

LBI Foundation has supported the school community since 2021, as guided by the Resilient IMPACT capacity building strategy. The intent (or outcomes) and actions of this work is summarised below. 

Intent ('What')

Build a Wellbeing and Trauma Responsive Educational Community

As Made Practical Through the Following Co-Designed Outcomes


To embed a cohesive, intentional, integrated and common approach to:

  • Implement a safe, growth-focused and wellbeing-responsive learning environment. 
  • Deliver personalised student wellbeing and support services, and to meet all students at their individual starting point (needs and context).
  • Embed a trauma-responsive and inclusive practice culture. 


To embed the awareness, skills and mindsets to: 

  • Intentionally respond (rather than react) to individual student needs (e.g., trauma, growth, learning, developmental) in a relationship focused and personalised manner.  
  • Grow student capacity through intentionally delivered social-emotional learning, side-by-side coaching, shared Growth Action Planning processes and through both implicit and explicit learning approaches.
  • Empower educators and the multi-disciplinary to work together in shared intent. 


To provide students high quality resources and content that is focused on: 

  • Foundational wellbeing and resilience skills. 
  • Social-emotional learning competencies and curriculum. 
  • Meta-cognitive and problem solving. 
  • How to work side-by-side with others in shared intent. 

Actions ('How')


The support was personalised to the school and local community. The site had a historical commitment to wellbeing, trauma and inclusive practices. The work was focused on consolidating and naming this knowledge and skill base, such that it could be consistently delivered, and building upon the strengths and great initiatives already in place. 

Summary Actions

  • Entire capacity building initiative founded upon the science, research and practice of intentional practice, as made practical for educational and school settings.  
  • Implementation underpinned by the Resilient IMPACT capacity building strategy.  
  • LBI Foundation Community Leads: Ivan Raymond and Kylie Agnew. 
  • 2021Whole-of-site IMPACT Training, with wrap-around coaching, intentionally delivered wellbeing projects and deepening workshops. This was focused on empowering the site to implement a common approach and set of methods to intentionally respond to the deeper needs of students (e.g., growth, developmental, trauma, wellbeing), and work side-by-side with students to grow their capacity for whole-of-life outcomes. 
  • 2022 – The focus was on refresher IMPACT training, and accrediting two local site leaders to the IMPACT Coach level, to support local championing, coaching and deepening of foundations developed.
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Commentary and Further Information

Local Quote

Why Did We Go On This Journey?

As a team, the WTH crew of Victor Harbor High School were looking for a framework to support a shared culture and language to ensure a consistent trauma responsive lens is fundamental to the work that we are doing. The Impact Training and work with LBI has provided that framework to support creating an even safer and consistent space for young people to grow.

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