Independent Review of The Bush Telegraph (Port Lincoln)

Introducing the Research

Qualitative Review of The Bush Telegraph (Port Lincoln)

Tasha Brennan, Central Queensland University

Dr Adam Gerace, Central Queensland University

Dr Tessa Benveniste, Central Queensland University

In 2022, Psychology Honours Student, Tasha Brennan, under the supervision of Dr Adam Gerace and Dr Tessa Benveniste, conducted an independent of The Bush Telegraph delivered across Port Lincoln. An overview of the program delivery can be found here.

The research employed a case study approach with focus groups (n = 12).

The purpose of the study was to gain the perspectives of community providers on their experiences in The Bush Telegraph Program, including how they used shared language, knowledge, methods, and skills, what were the facilitators and barriers to implementation, and what is the value of The Bush Telegraph in regional and rural areas.

This study found that shared language, knowledge, methods, and skills across multiple agencies improved both the practice of community providers with their own clients and their capacity to engage in effective interagency collaboration.

This research supports the incorporation of an intentional practice and systems approach into whole-of-community wellbeing programs that aim to improve wellbeing outcomes in regional and rural communities. It also demonstrates that a shared approach can be implemented across multiple agencies in regional and rural communities to improve interagency collaboration and service provision.

For a copy of the research summary, please click here.

CQU The Bush Telegraph 2022
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    Significance of the Research

    • This study provided additional empirical support for The Bush Telegraph as a community capacity building program to support regional communities develop the language, methods, skills and knowledge to work together in shared intent and develop local mental health and wellbeing solutions. 
    • The study provided the rationale and support for The Bush Telegraph to be scaled and implemented across new regional communities.

    Further Information

    For further information on this summative review, please contact Dr Adam Gerace on