Most Significant Change Evaluation of Resilient IMPACT

Introducing the Research

Qualitative Review of Intentional Practice Across Education

Stephen Burrowes, Central Queensland University

Dr Adam Gerace, Central Queensland University

Dr Tessa Benveniste, Central Queensland University

In 2021, Masters Thesis Student, Stephen Burrowes, under the supervision of Dr Adam Gerace and Dr Tessa Benveniste, conducted the Most Significant Change evaluation of the Resilient IMPACT program at Tenison Woods College

The researcher assessed written accounts of educators of the most significant change perceived (primary and secondary teachers and school leadership) (n = 49), and then conducted focus groups (n = 18) to further investigate the initial themes identified and gain deeper understanding of the impacts.

The study found:

  • The Resilient IMPACT program delivered meaningful outcomes for the Tenison Woods school community, in a manner that was aligned to the stated outcomes of the program (building a wellbeing-responsive school community). It was found that the changes identified offer adaptability and were seen to be sustainable post intervention.
  • There is evidence that core program content and methods (e.g., What-What-How®, intentionality, responding not reacting, under the surface) have “stuck” and are embedded within the practice culture of the school. In turn, Resilient IMPACT has supported a greater appreciation amongst staff of their ‘impact’ and an increased understanding of where students are coming from.

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CQU Resilient IMPACT 2021
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    Significance of the Research

    • Evidence for the highly “translatable”, “practical” and “sticky” nature of the IMPACT Program. 
    • Validation of LBI Foundation’s work across educational communities, as guided by the Resilient IMPACT strategy.  
    • There is emerging ideas on how outcomes relate to each other in a hierarchical and sequential manner, as show by the below diagram from the research. 
    CQU Resilient IMPACT 2021

    Further Information

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