The Bush Telegraph is a Whole-of-Community Approach to Building Mental Health and Wellbeing Outcomes for Regional Community Members.

This is a summary of The Bush Telegraph delivered across the Port Lincoln region in South Australia.

Why: Increasing Rates of Mental Health Problems

Across Australia, mental health and wellbeing problems are increasing, with this magnified across vulnerable and regional communities.

Key Pillar to Turning This Around: Community Owned and Led Wellbeing Solutions

There are no quick fixes here. Mental health outcomes are due to many and varied factors. Our work honours this complexity.

A key pillar to improving mental health outcomes are community owned and led wellbeing solutions. In other words:

Intentionally delivered programs, responses, strategies or interventions that help people get back on their feet when life has got on top of them, and to prevent and stop people getting here the first place.  

How Does The Bush Telegraph Achieve This?

The Bush Telegraph is a LBI Foundation program that brings together both ‘Program Partners’ (e.g., agency, school, council) and ‘Community Funders’ through a shared commitment to improve local mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

It empowers and equips community members, from children to adults, to make a local impact, and integrate the science of wellbeing, resilience, growth and trauma-responsive practice with their wisdom, and develop personalised growth solutions for themselves and the people they are entrusted to support.

The Bush Telegraph’s Key Features?

The Bush Telegraph is founded upon the following key features.

Foundational IMPACT Training – the foundational IMPACT training provides shared language, methods, tools and resources to enable the science of wellbeing, growth and trauma to translated and personalised to individual context, in a manner that honours the strengths and knowledge of individual and community.

Community Champions – these IMPACT trained, coached and accredited community members have access to ongoing coaching and resources to empower their communities.  They are embedded within Community Partner agencies.

Community Conversations– interagency workshops to build a shared intent and collaboration.

Wellbeing Projects – Community Champions support and empower Community Partners to deliver projects that translate the science of wellbeing to community needs and context, drawing upon IMPACT Program resources, tools, modules and strategies.

Who are ‘Program Partners’?

Program Partners are agencies, NGO’s, schools or community groups which are committed to energising and empowering their communities to build whole-of-community wellbeing and mental health outcomes. The Bush Telegraph draws upon the strengths of both LBI Foundation and ‘Program Partner’. LBI Foundation offers a suite of best-practice tools, methods and resources to translate the science of wellbeing, growth and resilience into action, and the ‘Community Partner’ is the face of local community engagement and knowledge translation.

Who are ‘Community Funders’?

‘Community Funders’ are agencies, councils, corporate entities, philanthropic groups and government departments who want support the building of wellbeing-and-trauma responsive local communities.

Current Community-Funder Partnerships

  • Port LincolnCentacare Catholic Country SA are the local Program Partner, with the project funded by the South Australian Government Statewide Wellbeing Strategy: led by Wellbeing SA. For further information on the delivery of The Bush Telegraph across Port Lincoln, please go to the dedicated web-page click here.

Further Information

If you are interested in learning more about The Bush Telegraph, or how you can be a Program Partner or Funder, please contact John Shepherd on