Our Work Empowers Children, Young People, Adults, Community Members, Support Workers, Practitioners and Clinicians Work Together to Deliver Local Mental Health and Wellbeing Outcomes.

We offer scientifically grounded training, coaching and resources that provides teams, communities and regions the shared language, knowledge, skills and methods to build a wellbeing-and-trauma responsive community.

IMPACT Program

Our work across community mental health and wellbeing is founded upon the IMPACT Program.

IMPACT offers a unifying lens and language, supported by practical tools and resources, to enable the science of wellbeing, resilience, growth and trauma-responsive practice to be understood and applied by all community members, and sustainably embedded across local communities.

Key Local Outcomes

Our work is mapped to the desired local outcomes of the specific community. They may include:

  • Increasing literacy and awareness of wellbeing and mental health language.
  • Developing a shared language and set of methods for community groups to come together and develop shared responses for individual and collective community members.
  • Empower the community to develop their own wellbeing and growth solutions.
  • Embedding a growth-focused coaching based process within communities.
  • Embedding foundational wellbeing and resilience skills within the community.
  • Providing a shared method to develop personalised growth plans that respond to an individual community member’s developmental, growth, trauma and/or wellbeing needs.
  • Build a wellbeing-and-trauma focused community culture.

Specific Service Elements

Our approach is to co-design a local wellbeing framework and action plan for the specific community, and then draw upon these capacity building strategies in an intentional and targeted manner.

Further Information

If you require further information, or are not certain of the best direction for your care community, then please email us at info@lbi.org.au.

We would value hearing about your needs and context, and collectively will work with you to develop a wellbeing and growth solution for your community.