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Working together in “Shared Intent” to deliver meaningful outcomes for children, young people and families.

Project intent: Working together in “Shared Intent” to deliver meaningful outcomes for children, young people and families.

LBI Foundation is supporting schools and agencies across Port Lincoln to come together and build a wellbeing and trauma responsive community. This work is being delivered under the LBI program: The Bush Telegraph, and the local program partner is Centacare Catholic Country SA

The project is focused on empowering and building the capacity of the Port Lincoln community to work together in “shared intent” and deliver meaningful wellbeing, learning and whole-of-life outcomes for local children, young people and families. 

The Bush Telegraph is founded upon the IMPACT Program. IMPACT offers an evidence-based common language, knowledge, methods and skills to intentionally translate the science of wellbeing, trauma and growth into action. It moves best-practice science from just another thing to do, to a way of thinking and being. 

The Bush Telegraph is designed to deliver sustainable ripple effects that expands from practitioners/teachers, to organisations and to children and families, and deliver outcomes important to all layers.

Project Features

The project is founded upon the following features: 

  • Foundational IMPACT training to all community partners. 
  • Coaching and resource support to local Community Champions. 
  • Rolling cycle of professional development. 
  • Local community partner conversations and group-based coaching. 
  • Delivery of locally embedded wellbeing projects (supported by LBI Foundation).
IMPACT Program

Community Funder

The 2023-24 project is being funded by:

  • The Fred P Archer Charitable Trust (Perpetual Impact Grants).

  • With in-kind support provided by LBI Foundation and the local community partners. 

2023-24 Project Calendar

Suite of capacity building opportunities available to all community partners

Project Lead and Contact

Greg Hatcher

For further information and contact details, please contact Life Buoyancy Institute’s Community Development and Wellbeing Lead, Greg Hatcher. 

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0421 826 319
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Local Impact and Stories

The IMPACT program helps equip local Port Lincoln afterschool fishing program to teach young people more than how to catch fish.

A Port Lincoln afterschool fishing program is tailored for young people who are having some difficulty fitting in at school.

LBI Foundation’s Community Development and Wellbeing Lead, Greg Hatcher, was recently on the Port Lincoln wharf and able to see two leaders interact with young people, naturally using the elements of validation, curiosity and coaching in their supporting roles.

During IMPACT training, Jim really resonated with the diagram of the brain and had used it extensively with young men to help them understand the concept of grounding and being able to self-regulate.

Jim shared a story with Greg about the power of ‘mirror neurons’ when he was engaging with a young person who was acting aggressively and escalating their behavior. They were outside and near a building. Jim put his back against a wall and slid down to the sitting position on the ground. He said that the young person calmed very quickly and ended up sitting down against the wall near him. Jim was able to have a side-by-side conversation with the young person about “what’s happening for you at the moment?”

This intentional coaching conversation led to growing the young person’s awareness of triggers, brain function and skills in grounding.

This is the intent of The Bush Telegraph. Local people, integrating the IMPACT content into their practice and growing the awareness, skills and mindsets of members of the community.

April 2024. 

Port Lincoln
LBI Training The Bush Telegraph Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is a community committed to making a difference in the lives of local children, young people and families.

Through The Bush Telegraph, LBI Foundation is partnering with the Department for Child Protection SA, Department for Human Services, Port Lincoln High School, West Coast Youth and Community Support and Centacare Catholic Country SA. 
Collectively, we are working together in “shared intent” to empower the community with the shared language, knowledge, skills and methods to build a wellbeing and trauma responsive local community, and deliver outcomes important to local people.
The initiative kicked off with the foundational IMPACT training in January delivered by Greg Hatcher and Ivan Raymond. It is now being extended through the training and accreditation of Community Champions and the delivery of local wellbeing projects.
February 2024.

Local Quote

The Role and Importance of The Bush Telegraph For Regional Communities

Supporting our local communities to develop ownership of their wellbeing journey is vital to sustainability and growth. Working together side-by- side, The Bush Telegraph offers access to best-practice wellbeing solutions that are embedded in the community and have a positive impact on outcomes

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