Intentionally Delivered Wellbeing and Sustainability Interventions

Introducing the Article

Positive Psychology Perspectives on Social Values and their Application to Intentionally Delivered Sustainability Interventions

Dr Ivan Raymond, LBI Foundation

Professor Christopher Raymond, University of Helsinki

This peer reviewed article, published in the international journal Sustainability Science, brings together the disciplines of sustainability science and positive psychology, with a focus on how values are understood and applied.  

The paper offers future options for the integration of positive psychology and environmental values literatures to deliver interventions which may lead to well-being and sustainability outcomes. The authors suggest that mindfulness could be applied as a method to clarify and activate values within a nature exposure context, which harnesses the qualities of both disciplines.

To demonstrate integrative possibilities, a case example is offered which brings focus to well-being and sustainability outcomes. This case example is made practical through an intentional practice logic model. 

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Intentionally Delivered Wellbeing and Sustainability Interventions Article 2019
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    Significance of the Article

    • This article critically compares how “values” are understood and made practical across the sustainability and positive psychology literatures, and how insights from both scientific literatures can be integrated to develop shared wellbeing and sustainability solutions. 
    • The article demonstrates how the approach and set of methods of intentional practice (in-particular logic modelling) can support and empower different scientific disciplines to work together in shared intent and solve complex and wicked problems (e.g., mental health and environmental outcomes). 
    • The article further highlights the interdisciplinary nature and utility of intentional practice. 

    Further Information

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