IMPACT Coach is third accreditation stage of the IMPACT Program. It is a non-clinical accreditation.

IMPACT Coaches are community embedded personnel who are trained, accredited and supported to apply intentional processes to:

Respond to the developmental, growth, trauma and wellbeing needs of those being supported

Build community capacity for wellbeing, resilience and whole-of-life outcomes

Community Capacity Building

IMPACT Coaches are a key component of LBI Foundation’s strategy to empower and grow local community capacity for wellbeing, mental health and whole-of-life outcomes.

The IMPACT Program is founded upon the “Learn It – Live It – Apply It – Coach It – Train It” community capacity building strategy.

IMPACT Coaches are supported to incrementally take more and more IMPACT content from the ‘learn it‘ to the ‘coach it‘ levels.

In other words, for IMPACT Coaches to be agents of growth and change in their own communities and to:

  • Continually learn knowledge and skills that build wellbeing and growth outcomes
  • Then to internalise or live these skills for themselves.
  • They are then asked to apply this knowledge and skills in the way they support and grow others
  • And finally, to transition this knowledge and these skills within a coaching, training or capacity building role within their communities.

Accreditation Opportunities

IMPACT Coaches have access to the following opportunities as part of their accreditation.

  • Access to member only coaching resources through
  • Provided the opportunity to contribute to the development of resources (videos, factsheets, assessment tools) that translate best-practice evidence to local community need and context (through Science to Practice Group)
  • Access to free or significantly reduced workshops with LBI Foundation.
  • Opportunity to participate in free half-yearly IMPACT Coach Master Classes and networking sessions.

Accreditation Process

The pre-requisite for IMPACT Coach accreditation is the IMPACT Advanced accreditation stage.

The IMPACT Coach accreditation process is conducted through online training course ( that takes approximately 4-5 hours conducted over a 4-week period.

The online training includes the following:

  • Trainees agree to use LBI Foundation resources within the confines of their supporting adult role and their professional capacity, and to relate to LBI Foundation with a shared set of values.
  • Develop a Growth Action Plan for themselves.
  • Develop a Growth Action Plan (at a non-clinical level) on a client they are supporting.
  • Conduct an intentional coaching conversation side-by-side with a child, young person or adult, and then conduct a self-assessment activity.

Trainees are provided access to a video which walks them through all of the accreditation lessons and tasks.

Importantly, the accreditation is not a pass-fail process. All trainees will be supported and coached to complete the accreditation.

Resource Access

Following accreditation, IMPACT Coaches have access to the member only resources through

All IMPACT Coaches have access to the following:

  • Growth Action Plan templates
  • Growth Action Plan case studies (populated Growth Action Plans with example content).
  • General modules on wellbeing, resilience, trauma-informed practice and social-emotional learning
  • Populated Building Block Staircases
  • Communication and professional writing tools
  • IMPACT implementation and positioning checklists
  • How to conduct reflective practice and group What-What-How coaching (with coaching video)

IMPACT Coaches whose supporting agencies or communities are supported by LBI Foundation under a Community Development Stream are able to access

The following video walks IMPACT Coaches through the available resources.

Further Information

Further information on the IMPACT Coach accreditation process, please contact