LBI Foundation partner with communities, big and small, to:

Respond to the specific wellbeing, mental health or therapeutic needs of local community and build individual and collective community capacity for locally owned outcomes.

This work is captured through the Community IMPACT Stream.

Local Community Outcomes

Community IMPACT offers a method to deliver wellbeing, mental health and growth outcomes that are matched to the specific needs of local community (e.g., school, care team, agency, program, NGO, regional area). This includes:

  • Strengthening the cohesive delivery of existing wellbeing, growth and resilience initiatives or strategies.
  • The development and implementation of whole-of-agency or program therapeutic, wellbeing or trauma-informed models.
  • Building community capacity to meet growth and wellbeing needs for communities in need.
  • The sustainable design and implementation of wellbeing, resilience and growth initiatives that (1) respond to local need and context and (2) build individual and community capacity.
  • Partnering to deliver tailored wellbeing, resilience and growth initiatives that integrate local wisdom with best practice evidence.

Side-By-Side Co-Design and Implementation

Our approach is different. We draw upon the IMPACT Program and intentional practice method to honour and then disentangle the complexity of wellbeing, growth and resilience, and deliver outcomes personalised to local community. We partner with the community (agency, program, school, team, site) to co-design an intentionally delivered program or strategy matched to local needs and context. This includes the articulation of clear outcomes (or the ‘what’) and methods (or the ‘how’). We populate this into a logic model that supports sustainable local refinement, implementation and evaluation.

Implementation may draw upon a range of ‘how’ strategies, including local initiatives and programs, which can be supplemented and strengthened through the IMPACT Program and LBI Foundation online resources and competency- based learning modules (

Further Information

If you would like further information on how LBI Foundation can work with your community to co-design and implement an initiative that is matched to the local needs of your community, please contact Dr Ivan Raymond: